High Quality Heady Glass, Custom Handmade Beaker Bongs


The beaker bong is one of the most popular water pipes on the market. This classic shape has been around for decades, and even though it's seen some evolution in its design, it still maintains that same familiar look. The beaker bongs for sale at Blaze1 are hand crafted and made from high quality American glass. Our beaker bottoms come in a variety of different colors and designs so you can find one that fits your personality!


Blaze1 has pioneered multiple color-ways and designs to make their beaker bongs stand out from the competition. The artistry and engineering found in every beaker bong has found a way to truly cater to the culture and industry creating beautiful works of art for over 20 years.

If you are looking for quality glass beaker bongs that will last for countless sessions, then you are in the right place. Blaze1 offers a variety of fully-worked, heady top, and percolator bongs with the beaker bottom. Our beaker bongs are easy to clean and are made sturdy with thick glass.

The wide base prevents the bong from tipping over and allows for larger, milky tokes. The large basin, at the bottom of the glass bong, holds more water than a straight tube. The added weight also helps keep the water pipe stable after being set down on a table or shaggy carpet.

Large rips need extra water to cool the smoke as it is pulled through the beaker bottom. The tapered shape of a beaker bong lets you draw the smoke in slowly at the base. Then, when you are ready. You can lift the glass bowl to pull that smoke through the tube, up to the mouthpiece, and straight to your dome.

A common feature of the glass beaker bong is an ice pinch. Just above the water chamber inside the tube there are 3 or 4 bulges of thick glass. These ice catchers suspend ice cubes above the bong water to continue the cooling process to provide the best smoking experience.

The increased capacity inside of the beaker bong provides more room for percs (percolators). Certain types of percs just won't fit inside a straight tube bong. The beaker base can have massive honeycomb percs that present the mastery of the glass smith. If you want those extra smooth pulls, you will need percolators to further filter the smoke.

That extra filtration of the beaker bong reduces the heat and brings out the flavor of your flower. That's what it is all about, getting the best hit. After having a day, good or bad, nothing says welcome home like some legal herb. If you are gonna smoke, then you want to smoke quality. Just having the right product is not enough. Every craftsperson will tell you that for every job there is the right tool.

The best smoke experience you are going to find will come from Blaze1 beaker bong. You can keep it simple or you can go custom and heady. Lips, rings, percs, ice pinches, and the beaker bottom. These are the elements that make up a display piece that brings the room together. Let's start your smokers journey with one of the beaker bongs for sale at Blaze1 today.

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