Bubblers are a hybrid between a dry pipe and a water pipe (or bong). They are smaller and more lightweight than a bong providing the portability of a dry pipe.

The bubbler pipe gets its name from the small water chamber under the bowl. The water bubbles and cools the smoke as you take each pull. Some pieces can be quite large and might be referred to as a bubbler bong.


Unlike their cousin, the bong, you will find a built-in bowl so there’s no need to carry around an extra piece or worry about losing it. And if that wasn’t enough, there is even a “carb” or hole in the side so you can clear your bubbler like you would with a dry pipe.

Instead of a large base filled with water, this has a small water chamber that holds a little more than a shot glass worth of H2O. This allows you to smoke the same way as you would with a pipe with the smoothness of a bong toke. A little bit of water goes a long way so you can take much larger rips on a bubbler than a dry pipe.

At Blaze1, our glass bubblers are made from premium borosilicate glass so you can have a high-quality smoke experience. The thick glass on these smoking devices is made to last for years worth of smoke sessions and smooth hits.

Blaze1 has innovated new colorways and outputs unparalleled heady designs. You can find a water bubbler in several varieties with some of the most common being hammer bubblers and sherlock bubblers.

The hammer style gets its name from the mallet shape of the glass pipe.  These are similar to a spoon pipe with the added water chamber under the bowl. Also, like the spoon, this is the most common type of bubbler.

There is also a bubble pipe variation of the sherlock pipe. This way you can explain that elementary without having any rasp in your voice. The water will keep those rips hitting smooth like your style.

Are you looking for your first piece?

Smoking from a bubbler is easy. All you have to is pour in a little water, pack a fat bowl, and toke. If you are between getting a hand pipe or bong then this might just be the ultimate solution. You can find bubblers for sale on Blaze1 that bring out the best of both worlds.

Maybe you are a veteran smoker and want to enhance your arsenal of head change smoking devices. You can tailor every situation with the right tool so you get the right level of lit. Whether it is a hefty bong for around the couch sit-down, a pipe on a day hike or a glass bubbler on a back porch hang out, Blaze1 has got the goods.

Check out our selection of bubblers and your next best friend. Are you fire and ice or are you looking for something more rasta? Our colorway collections are innovative designs from Blaze1 himself and are built to impress. Make your way to the checkout today and don't keep the flower waiting. Your herb has never been smoked so good.

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