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Beaker Bottom Bong

Specializing in the beaker bottom bong, Blaze1 glass has pioneered multiple colorways and designs to stand out from the rest and find ways to innovate the beaker bottom bong. From our world-renowned fully-worked beaker bottom bong, heady top beaker bottom bong, worked beaker bottom bong, inside out beaker bottom bong, seeded beaker bottoms bong, we have found a way to truly cater to the culture and industry creating beautiful works of art for over 20 years. This style of beaker bottom bong has been proven through time as one of the people's favorites.


Beaker bongs have been proven to be a classic water pipe that is well known throughout the world and through time. Known for its features with a wide bottom that usually tends to be the people's preference, it offers more stability and enables the smoker to take huge bong rips. Beaker bottom bongs have been proven to be more sturdy than their counterparts, the straight tube. This prevents the likelihood of your bong being knocked over much lower with a sturdy beaker bottom than the straight tube. 

Another big advantage of beaker bottom bongs compared to straight tubes is that they can hold a lot more water and more smoke in the base, allowing for larger, nice tokes.

Beaker bongs also have plenty of room for percolators that you may choose to add extra filtration to your smoking experience. Certain types of percs simply don’t fit inside a straight tube water pipe, so the beaker's big base is an important factor if you’re set on using a specific perc.

The beaker bong and its cute cousin, the bubble, as well as other non-straight bottomed water pipes, tend to have more variety and creativity in their designs, since there's more surface area to work with. Some designs include a lip, a ring, or a slightly more flared base to increase the stability of the piece. If you’re looking for a truly unique piece of glass, you’re sure to find one that incorporates a beaker bottom. 

Beaker bongs and water pipes are always popular among Smoke Cartel shoppers, and we've put together an extensive collection for you to peruse. Find basic beaker bongs, complex ones with percs already included, and even recyclers in this curation.


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