Glass Hand Pipes

Glass pipes are one of the most common ways to smoke herbs. They are portable, durable, inexpensive, plus they are easy to clean and maintain. Not every session starts indoors. So if you are on the go, don't go without a handcrafted glass pipe from Blaze1.


The pipes for sale at Blaze1 are made from borosilicate glass and come in a variety of designs and colorways developed by our glassblowers.  Unlike wood and other materials, these quality glass pipes don't hold on to flavors after being cleaned. So your glass piece will hit like new after every clean so you can have a prime smoking experience for years.

The thick glass you find on quality glass pipes protects your hands from the heat from the bowl.  There is no water chamber on most smoking pipes.  This is a "dry smoke" experience where the smoke is not cooled like it would be with a bubbler or bong.

Not familiar with glass pipes? That's ok, everyone starts somewhere. Smoking from a glass hand pipe is a little different than smoking from a bong or water pipe. On a bong, you milk the flower to fill the base of the bong then lift the bowl to clear the chamber.

On a smoking pipe, you hold a hole on the side called a "carb." This makes the hand pipe pull air from the hole at the bottom of the bowl. You take a long slow toke drawing the smoke into the glass pipe. Since the only air flow comes from the bowl this burns the bud just like how a cigarette burns when a smoker inhales.

Once the glass pipe is full and you wish to inhale, release the carb and do a final quick inhale. The open air way lets in a gust of fresh air clearing the pipe and pulling that good stuff into your lungs. This is what is referred to as "smoking a bowl."

Each smoker has their own style and Blaze1 intends to meet that style with smoking pipes that match your personality. You can choose the design and color pallet of the smoking pipes that best represent the hands that hold them.

Newcomers should try the traditional spoon pipe. This is the classic shape that comes to mind when you think of a handheld smoking device. The spoon shape fits neatly in your hand keeping the flower just under eye level. This way you know when the herb is cached and it's time to pack another fresh bowl.

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