Straight Bottom Bong

The straight tube bong is just as iconic in many ways to its counterpart the beaker. Having also accomplished this scientific look to the straight tube, Blaze1 Glass has found so many ways to specialize the straight tube and also leave an imprint on the glass culture.


From our Heady top straight tubes, our high end scientific percs on our straight tubes (inline, honeycomb, frit, and more), people tend to gravitate towards this style a lot. Not being so bulky compared to the beaker this has been a great choice for travel, it doesn't take up much space wherever, and requires very little water.  This iconic vertical look, the straight tube is made from a single or couple pieces of glass tubing then cut with a lathe machine, the bong stands straight up and upright. Whether you're looking for something sleek and beautiful, or a simple clear glass straight tube, we have it all. If any questions might come up, feel free to contact us and we will gladly help.
The iconic straight shooter has been used for many decades and has been a great table top piece. The straight tube has slightly less volume than a beaker bong, which can be better for lung capacity. Some people tend to think that a straight tube is more prone to tipping than their beaker base counterparts, but this is not true. The Straight tubes we make have great pedestal bases which are extremely secure.


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3 of 3 Items