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What are glass dab rigs? This new piece has come into the spotlight over the last decade. There have been many variations and new technologies that have developed heady oil rigs into what we smoke with today. Blaze1 offers heady wax rigs, heady quartz bangers, and dab tools that are true pieces of art.


Let's answer what it is and how it functions. Think about a bong for dry herbs with the same percolating effect. An oil rig is usually smaller allowing for stronger flavors and a more robust taste. Unlike its grandfather, the bong, glass dab rigs usually don't produce as much milky smoke.

The crucial element that distinguishes a dab rig from a dry herb bong is a dab nail. The nail is heated to a temperature hot enough to vaporize the concentrate on contact. This increases the terpene flavors. Something with constant airflow which allows for smoke to never get stale. 

Accessories include electric devices that heat up the quartz glass nail. This allows the user to set the desired temperature ideal for maximum flavor. An element of safety is added by using these devices. You no longer need a dab torch which is the usual way to get the quartz nail hot enough for smoking. 

The size of dab rigs is very ideal when considering that next glass purchase. Their smaller size makes them portable and take up much less space on the coffee table. Dab rigs or oil rigs have been the new wave that is a very popular piece and is here to stay. With the advent of the concentrated wax culture, we have made such amazing handmade custom rigs for the ultimate dabbing experience. 

For the electric portable mini dab rigs like the puffco’s, we have so many beautiful attachments. In our custom unique colorways. It's time to swap out the stock attachment with a new heady top to make the rig look even more complete. 

We have created beautiful dab rigs that are state of the art. These serve so many different functions and have become many of the people's new favorite choice to smoke out of. Dab Rigs are a type of water pipe that is designed specifically for the use of concentrated wax and oils.

With mini rigs, dab nails, nectar collectors, travel silicone dab rigs, glass dab rigs in all different colorways, sizes, and styles. Make the most of your rosin, diamonds, or extracts with our heady dab rigs. These water pipes are designed to diffuse heat, and provide filtration. Offering dabbers an easy pull with the maximum flavor of their concentrates. 

When shopping for a dab rig online, be sure to check out our huge variety of custom recycler dab rigs. With different joint sizes for all types of accessories, we offer so many amazing designs. The recyclers are the favored dab rig. They are designed to keep your water and vapor constantly moving within the glass for minimum drag and maximum flavor.

Finding the perfect dab rig can be difficult, but we've tried to make the process a bit easier.  We have a great selection of the highest quality dab rigs for sale. Make sure to browse our wide selection of dab tools to go with your new rig. From heady custom carb caps, to different type of titanium nail and heady quartz bangers, to different tools and more

Dab Rig Shopping Tips:

Glass rigs can be smaller than regular water pipes, but often the price tags remain in the same range. We carry high-quality pieces that you can feel confident are an investment that will last a lifetime. We hope your new favorite wax rig is just a click away. You deserve the best!

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20 of 44 Items