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Welcome to!

We are an innovative designer, marketer and distributor of premium quality young men’s and young women’s clothing, accessories and related products under the Blaze1 brand name. Our products, which include t-shirts, fleece, bottoms, tops, jackets, denim and streetwear that incorporate distinctive combinations of fashion, functionality and athletic performance.

Always inspired by the street Blaze1 clothing began using designs straight from street graffiti artists. The Blaze1 scribe has remained the lasting mark and has been represented on clothing and related products throughout the world. The Blaze1 maintains a higher outlook on life and stands for self expression, inner fulfillment, being an individual, testing your limits and making the most out of what you got.

Blaze1 is a movement, a lifestyle without limitations that transcends boundaries, labels and stereotypes. Its not strictly about one thing or another, its about a reality. The reality that lifestyles have melted together and have influenced each other. The experience of people sharing, ideas, dreams, practices and expressions of personal freedom. Be it in art, music, sport, food, travel or in other forms of self expression, people are not just into one thing anymore and neither is Blaze1. We encompass everything life has to offer! B1...and the rest will follow.

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