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Seahorse Pro Plus

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Product Description

Next Generation Seahorse Pro Plus electric nectar collector for wax concentrates and extracts. 

The battery is 650mAh which should see you through 10 to 15 dabs (depending on the mode and temperature settings) from each full charge. When it comes to charging, the Seahorse Pro Plus has a type C USB port, so there is no faffing with getting the cable the right way around.
The Pro Plus nectar collector is compatible with all the 510-thread Lookah Seahorse tips. You can check out the quartz tips (Lookah Seahore Coil 1),  the ceramic tips (Lookah Seahorse Coil 2), the ceramic tube tips (Lookah Seahorse Coil 3, Ceramic Tube 510 Thread Coil), and the quartz transparent tube tips (Lookah Seahorse Coil 5)


**To ensure the tips last as long as possible, make sure you burn all the concentrates off the tip after each use. 
If you allow concentrates to build up on the tip or inside the airways, it can harden and possibly ruin or wear out the tips prematurely. **

**Don't clean the Seahorse tips with the cleaning brush or any liquids/solvents, as this can damage the tip.**