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Product Description

Have you ever had your down-stem stick to your bowl causing you to get a unfulfilling hit? Ensure the connection stays secure with our plastic Keck Clips (K-Clips). Perfect for holding the down-stem in place so that it doesn't get stuck to your bowl, helping you avoid mishaps and breakage. K-Clips are sturdy and stiff, but won't scratch your glass piece. For peace of mind, use a K-Clip. This fits onto the outer fitting (22mm) of your glass on glass water pipe and will hold a standard 18mm down-stem in place.

*Note: Some "Flush-Fit" down-stems do not leave enough clearance for the K-Clip to properly hold the down-stem.

Comes in a variety of colors. Specify desired color in notes and we will do our best. Some colors are not always available.