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Raw - 1 1/4" Classic Rolling Papers

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Product Description

These are the hemp papers that started it all. Rolling papers may come in many different sizes and shapes these days, but 1¼ papers, also known as 1.25" size, are the standard size that's been used for centuries.


  • 50 Paper Booklet
  • Purest Natural Fibers
  • Organic Acacia Tree Sap Gum strip


Like all of RAW's rolling papers, these are natural, unrefined, unbleached papers made using a natural process with a natural tree sap gumline to ensure a smooth, clean smoking experience. Feel confident in your rolled smokes when you use RAW papers!

Each sheet is lined with RAW's proprietary crisscross watermark to ensure a slow, even burn. If you've never experienced RAW papers before, grab a pack of these and enjoy the difference!