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Santa Cruz Shredder 2 Stage (3-Piece)

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Product Description

This High Quality grinder is one of our staff top picks! We've been selling these grinders for well over 8 years and couldn't recommend them enough!

These are the 2 Stage variety of grinder, which are the Staff favorite here at Blaze1. They have 3 pieces, the top section and base which can be spun in opposite directions to grind your herb into the perfect consistency. Then the storage container below where all of the ground up herb will fall to. After grinding simply tap the grinder lightly on a hard surface to dislodge any herb stuck between the teeth and cause it to fall to the bottom chamber. Then simply unscrew the bottom chamber to get to your freshly ground herb. The extra storage space is great for when you are trying to roll larger things or even as storage when you grind up a little bit more herb than you needed.

Bottom storage has a curved edge so you can easily get all of your herb out of the grinder with nothing stuck in the corners.

The medical-grade anodized aluminum herb shredder from Santa Cruz Shredder is the ultimate in new herb Shredding technology. Every element of the Shredder has been analyzed and improved upon, from the revolutionary tooth design and threading pattern to the rare earth magnet used in the lid closure system. The superior textured grip makes this SHREDDER a favorite among patients who are suffering from hand or wrist pain.

- Custom Designed in Santa Cruz, USA
- Revolutionary and affordable Santa Cruz Shredder!
- Made in the USA
- Ships from The United States
- Medical grade, ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminum
- Unique threading pattern, friction ring, and textured grip
- Top-quality rare earth magnet in lid
- Innovative Patented Tooth Design
For cleaning we recommend weekly/Bi-weekly wiping down the inside of the grinder with either a washcloth or Cotton Swaps soaked in 99% isopropyl alcohol. For grinders that have not been cleaned in a while and are getting sticky, we recommend removing the plastic O-ring from the top of the grinder and allowing the 3 separate pieces to soak in the alcohol for a few hours, then try wiping down the surfaces. Regular cleaning is always recommended to keep your grinders spinning smoothly. Make sure threads are clear of any debris when twisting grinder back together.