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Simplified Linework Hourglass Recycler

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Product Description

A re-design on one of our best selling pieces. We removed a little of the linework tubing from our original design and were able to make these incredibly affordable! Hand Made in Chico, CA by Curly Dread. Recycler Dab Rig, decorated with an inverted marble, and an ornate reversal design at the base, and color lip wrap mouthpiece. 3-4 color dots on the side of the hourglass. Available in all Color schemes.


HEIGHT: 9-11 Inches


FITTING SIZE: 14g clear female

ALSO INCLUDES: 14g male (90 Degree) Quartz Banger


Pictures are of our Fire and Ice (Blues and Yellows) version and our Norcal version. (Red, Black, and White)

As with all of our pieces these are handmade so each piece varies slightly from the last.